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- Miniclip Games Display Interface (Online PHP Script)
- Mongwell Easy Quiz Maker (Online PHP Script)
- Reflections Spiritual Quotes Directory (Windows Application)
- International Crosswords (Multilanguage Online Perl Script)
- Blurber (Online PHP Messaging Script)


There are a lot of ways to add interactive content to your website. One of them is to download and host online games such as the ones provided by miniclip.com.

Our programmers have come up with a simple interface application using PHP and Javascript that makes using this service much easier. The script handles everything, once you've coppied the game files into the proper directories you don't have to do any more work. New additions are recognized automatically, and each game is opened up in a smaller window that's sized to fit each individual game.

Take a look at the result:

Please enjoy these miniclip games:

Download the Miniclip Games Display Interface

Online personality quizzes have become a popular attraction on the web. They're just as unscientific as magazine quizzes, but they're also a ton of fun.

Online personality quizzes ask you a number of questions to fit you into a range of broad personality types. A common theme is characters on a popular television show, eg "Which Friends character are you?".

With Mongwell's Easy Personality Quiz Maker you can create quizzes like this with absolutely no knowledge of programming. It's simple, intuitive, and FREE!

For an example, please see our sample quiz and find out what kind of fruity personality you have.

The Mongwell Easy Quiz Maker is distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License.

Download the Mongwell Easy Quiz Maker

Do you want to gain a deeper insight into the worlds religions? Do you enjoy finding words of wisdom from a variety of walks of life? Would you like guidance from spiritual authorities from around the world and throughout time?

Download Spiritual Reflections and take advantage of all these features:

- Over 1000 quotes
- 15 different belief categories
- Subcategorized into 10 spiritual topics
- Useful search functionality
- Explanation database of each belief category to help you know and understand other religions

Learn the basics of all these different world religions and benefit from their wisdom. Impress your friends and family with words of wisdom to help you lead a better life.

Download Spiritual Reflections

This application can create online crosswords in any language. It's primary purpose is to allow educators to create crosswords for students learning another language. It is a useful tool for creating challenging and fun exercises to help re-inforce each lesson. Remembering word lists can be a little easier when you make it into a game.

It can also be used to create crosswords just for fun. For an example please take a look at this crossword created using the English alphabet. Included with the package are files to allow you to use the Greek and Esperanto alphabet as well. Custom language alphabet files can be easily created, instructions are included.

International Crosswords is distributed for free under the terms of the GNU General Public License.

Download International Crosswords

Blurber is a small, generic comment board application. Visitors to your website can add small "blurbs", which are comments on any subject you set.

This application can be used as a guest book, or it can be used as a flexible comments page if you have a variety of separate pages that you would like to each have their own comment board. One script can handle all pages.

Please see our demonstration and make a comment about Blurber or on this page in general.

Blurber id distributed for free under the terms of the GNU General Public License.

Download Blurber

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