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The Best Firefox Extensions

When the first full version of Firefox was released to the public it was greeted with great acclaim. While there have been many previous alternative browsers, they often were not compatible with all the websites on the Internet. And while they had some interesting features, it wasn't enough to provide solid reasons for users to switch from Internet Explorer.

But that changed. Not only was Firefox superbly compatible with the vast majority of Internet websites, but it came with some very compelling additional features as well. Chief among these additional features was the ability for users to customize the browser by creating an downloading "extensions".

Extensions are additions to the Firefox browser that can grant you a whole lot of extra features and options. You can really customize the way Firefox works for you, down to the small details. New extensions are being created all the time, no other browser before has ever enjoyed this level of customization ability.

Have a look at the following examples of ways you can get the most out of your Firefox experience:


There are some really good sticky note programs for your computer. But this is a sticky note system with a difference. With Internote, your virtual sticky notes are associated with a particular web page.

This extension is a lifesaver if you're taking notes from the Internet. You can have a sticky note open and write down all the notes you want. Those notes won't clutter up anything else, and will only be available on that webpage. It's like being able to mark up a textbook with your study notes with no fear of reprisal.

You can use it for other purposes as well. If you're a web developer you can mark down changes that you want to make to certain web pages right on the page you intend to modify. On forums you can use them to start typing responses and they will be saved in place if you need to shut down your browser for any reason. You will definitely be able to think of many other uses as well.

Yes, there is a better, more convenient way to download files. Rather than having to switch to the download window in order to view your progress, you can now watch your download progress from a status bar in your current window.

It's a wonderful tidy new way to manage your downloads. If you download a lot, you'll wonder how you managed without it!

With this extension you can automatically get a map simply by highlighting an address on any web page. The system uses Yahoo Maps and generates the view without you needing to leave the current web page. It's a wonderful tool for traveling or just to see where certain friends or businesses are located.

Sometimes you run across an image that is just too small. Image Zoom allows you to magnify that image to any degree necessary. Simply right click on the image and use the mouse scroll to enlarge.

If the image is not of good quality, you will likely find that the zoom feature pixelizes it a lot. However, it can still be useful to enlarge even a poor quality image, it can often help you to identify details that you wouldn't have seen otherwise.

Have you ever been looking for information from a website but the website is down? It happens to us all. CacheIt provides you with an easy way of access to a cached copy of any website on record with either Coral CDN, Google, or the Way Back Machine archives.

It's nice to know that information on the Internet doesn't have to be lost if the website goes down. It's even nicer to know that you have such a quick and convenient method of accessing that information.

This nifty extension uses the answers.com database to provide you with information at the click of your mouse. Simply highlight any word or term, then ALT-Click on it in order to bring up a definition from answers.com

The definition opens up in the same window and can disappear at the click of a mouse. Extremely handy for quick definitions and answers. You can have access to all this information without needing to open up a new browser window, it's a wonderful thing.


Of course, customizing your browsing experience depends a lot on your own personal needs. Try out the extensions mentioned here if you feel that they will benefit you. You should also look through the list of extensions on your own to find new ones that will suit your needs.

There is a tremendous amount of choice. Just paste the following URL into your address bar and look through everything that's available:


You're sure to find a many options to increase your enjoyment of the Internet. So go ahead and make your life easier. You won't regret it!

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