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Finding The Best Deals on Electronics Online

Tired of fake sales, dubious clearances, and bogus blowouts from top name electronic stores? Well, there's good news. Competition is constantly driving the price of electronics down. Manufacturers are aggressively fighting for market share, and you get to enjoy the benefits.

The trend in the past few years is an increase in the number of high tech manufacturers that are vying for your attention with their digital cameras, MP3 players, computers, and everything else under the sun.

It's all a benefit of what they call Moore's Law, which states (paraphrased) that the longer you wait, the more you can expect prices to drop and features to improve. No matter what kind of electronics you're looking for, you can find more and more amazing deals online all the time.

So where do you look? If you're smart, you'll shop around. You're no longer limited to the malls or stores in your local area. Finding information in the Internet age is easier than ever before.

The first thing you need to do is determine what kind of specs you're looking for. Do your research online, find out what features are available and what you want to get out of your purchase. Narrow your list of competing products online until you have a small selection to choose from.

There are many websites that help provide you with product comparisons. Epinions.com offers a good selection of products reviewed by users like you, as well as price comparison from various online stores.

Other helpful websites are pricegrabber.com, froogle.com, and bizrate.com. These websites all aim to help you make the right decision by providing you comparisons of products in different stores all over the Internet.

Read articles on the product that you are looking to purchase as part of your research. For some electronic devices such as digital cameras, you may also want to visit a computer store and test out the products first hand to see whether they are as easy to use for your purpose as you'd hoped. The unfortunate downside to online purchasing is the inability to test things out beforehand. So if it's an important purchase you may want to make sure that the item is well suited for you first.

But after making your decision you're sure to be able to find a much better deal online than you could locally. And the selection that you can find online is immense.

For even greater reductions, you may want to consider looking for used and refurbished items. You're not likely to receive a warranty with used items, however, depending on the item you might find that the risk is worth it. Refurbished items may offer you the option of purchasing a warranty.

Online auctions are excellent places to find used items. Ebay.com is the most popular, however, Yahoo Auctions (auctions.yahoo.com) is also a well known website for buying used electronics online.

It's also worth checking into online liquidation websites. These websites have deals with manufacturers to sell excess or close out stock at reduced prices. Overproduced items, changes in product direction, and downsizing account for just some of the reasons companies need to sell off inventory at cut-rate prices. You can take advantage of that. One of the most well known websites that supply such deals is overstock.com. You'll be pleasantly surprised at how many deals are available.

Another place you may want to look at is amazon.com. With their extensive product selection, you can use Amazon to buy from their own selection, as well as from an aggregate of retailers like Target, Best Buy, and Circuit City. Amazon also features used and refurbished products from individual merchants, and it's all protected by Amazon's return policy.

And you can save even more money by looking for online coupon codes. Many stores have released online coupons that you can take advantage of simply by entering the code when you make your purchase. You can find these coupon codes available online from a number of sites, including currentcodes.com, couponcabin.com, and allfreecoupons.com.

You can also find excellent deals through dealcatcher.com. This website has an extensive list of current deals available for you to take advantage of online. It features deals from over 500 retailers, and as stated on their website, the site has been "featured by the Wall Street Journal, CNN, ABC's The View, PC World, Yahoo Internet Life, MSN, USA Today, and has won numerous site awards."

You can track down deals on specific items by typing the item's name into Google along with the words "rebate" or "coupon". You can also try searching for the name of an online retailer you want to use along with the word "discount" or "promotion".

Keep in mind that promotions and deals like these can change every week. You don't want to feel too rushed into making a decision until all your research is done for sure, but if you come across a deal you like you should keep that in mind.

You should also proceed cautiously when dealing with websites that put you in contact with retailers that you may never have heard of. If a price looks too good to be true, it may actually be too good to be true. Most such websites have a section where you can review the seller's reputation. Be wary of dealing with sellers that are ranked low.

Try to avoid any online retailers who seem shady, especially if, as mentioned before, their prices are too good to be true. If you have any doubts, look elsewhere. And if you want to be certain about websites you're dealing with, try looking them up on the Better Business Bureau (bbb.org). Companies don't need to be a member, but if they have many unresolved complaints against them then it's a definite sign that you should steer clear.

Above all, when your purchasing is done, take a moment to sit back and bask in the excitement and afterglow of what you've just done. Purchasing electronics from the comfort of your own home is an amazing experience of modern technology. Be sure to enjoy it.

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